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St. Tropez – Older Self
St. Tropez was founded in 2007 in California, and since then musicians have always been close to creativity because music has been an important part of their lives. Recently, the band St. Tropez has released their second album, which mentally and morally complements their debut album 'In Pictures'. The new EP is called 'Older Self' and has included four original tracks full of dreamy sounds and indie vibes.

The song 'Cold Heart' has a moving structure that repeats mesmerizing refrains and is saturated with synthesizers and a minimalist guitar. Vocal lines convey a sad motif with light aerial singing. 'Inside Out' This is a song with amazing arrangement that breathes innovation and experimentation. The composition unfolds in a wide progression, adding new sounds and harmonies that together create a beautiful song form. 'The Sound of the Sea' pours a charming indie pop sound that hypnotizes on its transparency and organicity. The track 'Shame' is an exotic bossa nova with an original interpretation of the familiar sound landscape.  

Listen to the EP 'Older Self' on Spotify below and enjoy the work of the talented and unique-sounding band St. Tropez.