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Lyla DiPaul – Sleepless Nights
Lila DiPaul and her band are based in New Orleans, where they met while studying music at Loyola University in 2018. On May 13 this year, Laila Dipol's debut EP 'Sleepless Nights' was presented, consisting of 4 tracks written by the artist during the quarantine in her parents' house.

Lyla DiPaul's songs are designed to tell about love, the warmth and cold feelings, about the closeness and distance from each other, about the beginning and end of all good. 

The musical design of the songs look like the beauty awareness by musicians who took part in this recording. The mini-album 'Sleepless Nights' was recorded at legendary Dockside Studio that added its charm to the sound. 

Instrumental arrangements perfectly complement Lyla DiPaul's bright and soulful vocals and accompany her pure and romantic singing. The beauty of her new songs inspires us to not be afraid of love and acceptance of everything that gives us life.  

Listen to the EP 'Sleepless Nights' from Lyla DiPaul below on Spotify and enjoy this brilliant tracklist.