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The Belarusian band named WORLD GOVERNMENT was founded in 2007 and since then the guys have grown into a full-fledged professional project. Their frequent performances and memorable collaborations in their hometown took place on the independent indie scene.

But when troubled times came and riots covered the whole of Belarus, so many creative and intelligent people left their country. Unfortunately, we see the bad consequences of what happened in that country, which has been transformed into what is happening now in Ukraine. 

The band WORLD GOVERNMENT settled in Cyprus where long ago they completed their big music release. The EP 'Lucky' released this spring attracted attention with its epic and colorful musical ideas.  

The tracklist features one song called 'Lucky' in seven different remixes. Starting with the original version, we hear a cold new wave with dreamy guitars and electronic beats filled with impulsive synthesizers in the style of the 80's. Melodic vocals fit well into the essence of the song, conveying the dark aesthetics of life's issues.

Listening to the following tracks from the record, we hear different interpretations of the song, each of which has its own peculiarity and originality. A kaleidoscope of styles and musical influences is regulated in a great sound projection which we are pleased to discover. Elements of the alternative rock, electronics and psychedelics are felt in this fantastic work.  

Listen to the EP 'Lucky' from WORLD GOVERNMENT on Spotify below and dive into the ornamental hues of this awesome musical composition.