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Graffiti Welfare – Revolving Shores
On June 17, a new album by the American music project Graffiti Welfare was released. The album is called 'Revolving Shores' and this work is the result of recent years of diligent work on new tracks, the music of which perfectly conveys the inspired creative impulses of the author.

The album 'Revolving Shores', invites us to immerse ourselves in the bizarre world of electronic and psychedelic music in which synthesizers, programmed beats and live guitar passages sound equally graceful. Beautiful arrangements process the tracks from the album revealing the great potential and talent of this composer.  

We listen to every detail of this amazing music by going through exotic harmony and minimalist melodic lines. Vocal parts create individual images by framing tracks in an alternative pop style. The grandeur of the quiet ambience and the inner strength of the cinematic component created musical compositions unsurpassed to which we want to return again and again.  

Listen to the album 'Revolving Shores' from Graffiti Welfare and plunge into the whirlpool of fantasy and grotesque forms of this talented music.