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Spencer Elliott – SE3
American guitarist and composer Spencer Elliott together with his band released fourth albums called 'SE3'. The album was released via CandyRat Records and consists of 10 original instrumental tracks. Releases of this outstanding master of fingerstyle guitar music are always accepted with interest by fans of instrumental alternative.

Spencer Elliott uses elements of acoustic, folk and post-rock music in his new album. The variety of his intonation and arrangement structures captures from the first notes. His steel guitar sounds rich and fancy, it glows and fades via an unsurpassed arpeggios and slides. 

The rhythm section as a single organism works harmoniously and clearly. The rhythmic component of new compositions by Spencer Elliott is, as always, at the highest level of musical experiments and authorial ideas. Of course, the album 'SE3' shines brightly in the sky of modern instrumental music, which we listen to with enthusiasm and gladly return to it.  

Listen to the album 'SE3' on Spotify below and appreciate the new excellent work from the virtuoso Spencer Elliott and his band.