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Whitbeck – January 22
The debut album by Canadian band Whitbeck was released recently and gave us a lot of unforgettable emotions. The album 'January 22' consists of 12 tracks inspired by alternative music of the 90's and modern indie rock. All the songs were written and recorded on a sailboat and then mixed and mastered in a professional studio.

The song 'West Coast Love Song' begins the record with its main theme, which reveals the fate of Indigenous Canadian children. The song is catchy and emotionally powerful thanks to the deep vocal comprehension of the lyrics and the original arrangement where simplicity and sincerity are combined in one strong impulse. The title song 'January 22' has a memorable motif that penetrates deep into our hearts with its emotional vocals and soulful words. Guitar arpeggios and sensual accompaniment perfectly convey the aesthetics of this deep song.  

The hard rock track 'Pieces' is full of energy drive where dark and light are intertwined as good and evil. 'What In The World' is a strong and powerful song based on a melodic line with guitar accents and a steel rhythm section. The dark motif of the song fascinates with its weekendless atmosphere but at the same time shows the light at the end of the tunnel to which we all need to try to move.  

Listen to the full album 'January 22' by Whitbeck and enjoy the strong and honest rock n roll from Vancouver.