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Ruiz! – Falling
British artist Ruiz! released his new single 'Falling' on June 3. His latest musical works have received acclaim from music critics and the support of music fans around the world. And all this is not accidental, because he is a musically talented and savvy multi-instrumentalist and songwriter.

The song 'Falling' is extremely melodic and minimalist. It is these two aspects and managed to create a new masterpiece of song that is remembered for its hooks and atmosphere of the 80's. 

'Falling' is a real hit that has concentrated the elegance and sophistication of musical phrases and sad lyricism that is designed to move us on, forgetting the recent hard times. Ruiz! continues to delight us with his music and we wish him creative inspiration and the strength of his talent.  

Listen to single 'Falling' from Ruiz! below on Spotify and catch that subtle aesthetic motif that lies throughout this composition.