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Iam Nothe – Babylon Burn
A new single from the upcoming album of Greek singer and musician Iam Nothe was released on June 3. The song is called 'Babylon Burn' and it attracts all fans of alternatives and stoner rock music.

Iam Nothe is known for his participation in the well-known Greek bands and projects. His contribution to the cultural heritage of rock music is undeniable, and now we have the opportunity to follow his creative path.

'Babylon Burn' is a cool epic composition that unfolds in its emotional, driving and psychological guises. Powerful rhythm section and piercing guitars are complemented by synthesizer accents. The vocals anxiously convey the aesthetics of this work, gradually turning into an emotional vortex that burns the fire and the expressiveness of the musical content.  

The music video 'Babylon Burn' uses many of the individual effects that overlap with its dark layers. The video adds an spectacular and strong perception of this touching and timeless theme.  

Watch the music video 'Babylon Burn' on YouTube below and appreciate the new creative impulses of the cult artist Iam Nothe.