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PRESSURE – In A Dark Heart We Trust
The Swedish band PRESSURE introduced the new album called 'In A Dark Heart We Trust' that was released on June 3 and consists of 14 melodic hard-rock tracks. PRESSURE formed in 2018 in Stockholm and started give all fans of real rock the best examples of modern music.

The song 'PRESSURE' got a fast rhythm section full of synthesizers and guitar melodies. Vocal duets intertwine in harmonious jumps, releasing a powerful tune that flows from the soul. 'ANGEL OF LIGHTNING' is a key and strong composition based on emotional melody and powerful rock accompaniment. Cascading drums with deep guitar arrangement creates a continuous stream of drive and melody. 

The ballad 'DID YOU REALLY KNOW ME' created in the best traditions of the classic rock is intertwined with romance and feels the inner experience of those who know the prices of true sense. The track 'AIR OF FREEDOM' begins with an a cappella and turns into a catchy guitar riff that ends with an epic finale with a deep solo and pumping musical refrains.   

Listen to the full album 'In A Dark Heart We Trust' on Spotify below and enjoy rock music in a modern interpretation from PRESSURE.