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West Wickhams – Consider Her Way
British music duo West Wickhams create an uncompromising post-punk with elements of Gothic. Their debut EP 'Consider Her Way' released on May 27 and includes 5 new original tracks. The mini-album was also released in CD format via Golden Believers Records.

The darkwave aura is present in the structure of each of songs, which evokes its artistic depth and minimalist frankness. The song 'Consider Her Way' immerses us in classic post-punk with its guitar squares, running rhythm and impulsive bass. The shouting vocals come out in a melodic culmination that consolidates this composition. 

The song 'Les Mepris (Underwater)' is shimmering with minor guitar arpeggios and with a shaft of rhythm that stops in delight in front of fantastic bridges. 'Turning Into Someone Else' is an atmospheric track with a guitar introduction and it sounds really cool when it approaches a psychedelic finale with a relaxed vocal line.

Listen to the full EP 'Consider Her Way' from West Wickhams on Spotify below and follow the work of this interesting and worthy band.