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Blue Orchid Reaction – Personal Revolution
'Personal Revolution' is the name of the new single by the band Blue Orchid Reaction based in Leeds, UK. The guys perfectly compose elements of their music in own style. Britpop and garage rock form the main motif of this composition.

The resilient theme song 'Personal Revolution' remembers with its basic riff and atmospheric vocal line. The song develops to the epic culmination of the instrumental part shows the professionalism and musicality of the band. Guitar solos and drum vortices grow, raising the emotional bar and exploding in the finale.  

In the music video 'Personal Revolution', the musicians play the lead role where they shows a fantastic episode from life. The guys meet at the bar and decide to get out of boredom playing computer games. One of these games is fatal, and to see what happens to the main characters, be sure to watch this interesting film to the end.  

Watch the music video 'Personal Revolution' on YouTube below and enjoy a new song from Blue Orchid Reaction.