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Greek artist NEFΛEΛI is based in the Netherlands seeks to create her own musical attraction and it seems that she succeeds. She grew up in a noble musical family and gained great experience as a musician, producer and composer of various projects and endeavors.

In her music, she transforms elements of Greek, Turkish and Arab culture into the modern world of electronic music. The song 'Slime' of her debut album 'I Breathe' beautifully shows the talent and originality of NEFΛEΛI. Her special manner is to connect electronic impulses with thinking lyrics, acquiring an awesome form of deep composition.  

The song 'Slime' has experimental moments that include an avant-garde combination of melody and grotesque. NEFΛEΛI's singing is the main melodic line of the track, inviting us to an age-old journey where ancient history and modernity meet.  

Listen to a single 'Slime' from NEFΛEΛI on Spotify below and experience the mysterious beauty of this highly spiritual song.