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Denni Ian – Two Figures
Denni Ian lives and works in the Danish city of Aarhus. His new single is called 'Two Figures' and this is the first release that came out after his debut album 'The Sad Saint of South End'. The new work reflects the author's inner world and experiences while he was in a psychiatric hospital.

Being in a hopeless situation when life came to a standstill, Denni Ian found a way out in art. His deep poetry goes beyond self-knowledge and self-digging. His voice is a reflection of himself and the melodic minimalist lines sounds as cold impulses of life on the depths of the dead ocean.  

The musical composition of 'Two Figures' is developed in an anxious pumping sound, which is fairy transmitted by cascading drums and the honest sound of an acoustic guitar. The piano sets the harmony with its low chords and the backing vocals add subtle emotional touches.  

In the music video 'Two Figures', the artist plays the lead role singing against the backdrop of black-and-white sensitive animation made by the author himself. Atmospheric video adds there is emotional and power to the musical part that together elevate poetry to a high level.  

Watch the music video 'Two Figures' on YouTube below and immerse yourself in the depths of the talented Denni Ian.