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Mark Vickness Interconnected – Alluvial Fans
American guitarist and composer Mark Vickness began studying music at the age of six. His whole life was filled with music. During his career, Mark Vickness has collaborated with world-class musicians and he has achieved great results in the creative field.

His ensemble called Mark Vickness Interconnected, which includes true professionals. The band recently released a music video for the song 'Alluvial Fans', which is the first bird from the upcoming album to be released in the autumn of 2022. The track became a real masterpiece of World music that we can admire and listen with pleasure. 

Mark Vickness Interconnected conveys the finest details of melody and accompaniment. The main melody of the musical composition, presented by the oboe, fascinates and mesmerizes. The unsurpassed playing of the rich rhythm section and the skill of the fingerstyle guitar style gracefully combined with cello and bass guitar phrases. The violin adds elegance to the generalized flow of this fantastic track.  

Watch music video 'Alluvial Fans' on YouTube below and enjoy beautiful music performed by music masters from the band Mark Vickness Interconnected.