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Monique Barry – Time
Canadian singer-songwriter Monique Barry released her new single 'Time' on March 11th. This is the eighth and final single from her upcoming album and it stands out with its original idea and aura.

Monique Barry is an extremely interesting and talented artist who is an integral part of the Toronto indie scene. Her music is a part of herself because every time she reveals herself in a new image and role, delighting fans of experimental and avant-garde music.  

This time her song 'Time' was the result of her own life experience when she started the practice of immersion in cold water. Such procedures inspired her to a kind of cleansing and a sense of time. 

Her singing leads a line parallel to the music and in a beautiful arrangement intersects with its harmony. The smooth and soft sound of the single is limpid as clear water and cold as a lonely snowflake.  

In the music video 'Time' the artist is left alone with the element of water and her feelings are conveyed in combination with this insightful song. Watch the music video 'Time' on YouTube below and appreciate the new deep song from Monique Barry.