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Meghan Pulles – Rabbit Hole
On March 18, a new single called 'Rabbit Hole' from the New York singer-songwriter Meghan Pulles was released. Her songs were a success on streaming platforms where her music was liked by fans of minimalist folk and indie.

Actually because of its simplicity Meghan Pulles manages to convey own feelings and emotions and give their fans a piece of their soul. 'Rabbit Hole' has an organic sound where vocals and lyrics are the mainstay of the composition.  

The soft sounds of the mandolin and electronic percussion are complemented by a hypnotic synthesizer. The beautiful rising arrangement is breathtaking when singing intersects with the powerful drums at the end of the track.  

Meghan Pulles is a talented songwriter and a great singer who conveys the unique mood we have been looking for. Listen to the single 'Rabbit Hole' on Spotify below and enjoy the real song art from Meghan Pulles.