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Elison – Hopes & Horoscopes
The new single from the American duo Elison was released on January 7 and is called 'Hopes & Horoscopes'. The song turned out very melodic and harmonious. Indie that based on beautiful and unobtrusive sound.

Electronic beats and dreamy guitar arrangements catch atmospheric synthesizer melisms. The vocals lead the plan of the melody. The song reveals the theme of horoscopes and its effects on people's hopes. One must believe in something because without hope for the better there is no meaning to life. 

Beauty and organicity in everything is provided and coordinated in this composition. 'Hopes & Horoscopes' is just the band's second single and we will hope that Elison will continue to give us their simple and clear music.  

Listen to the single 'Hopes & Horoscopes' on Spotify below and enjoy the graceful new indie song from Elison.