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La Mer – Formes Différentes
Israeli cellist and composer La Mer is involved in the production of her original works. The musician is based in the Netherlands, where she is developing experiments with sound that set up for creative impulses of her work.

La Mer's music is a fine line between reality and dream, fixed in musical language. Her professional approach to knowing her own sound gives incredible results and her new EP 'Formes Différentes' proven it. There are only 3 songs in the mini-album and they are named after the forms. 

It is no coincidence that all the notes of this music sound according to some mysterious formulas to enchant and hypnotize without leaving place for fear and experience. Pure musical features and musical works sound extraordinary and touching. The classical music school, successfully combined with the electronic one, has given off its unique charm. 

Listen to the EP 'Formes Différentes' from La Mer on Spotify below and immerse yourself in the sounds you've never heard before.