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November 4, 2023
Sylvan Tirelle – Omni-Gatherum
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Seattle-based Sylvan Tirelle released their debut album 'Omni-Gatherum' on October 26th. On this album, Sylvan Tirelle acts as a composer, musician, multi-instrumentalist and producer. All the listed talents are inherent in this interesting and extraordinary artist.
Gary Dranow – Shimmering
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Gary Dranow pleased us with his new release and this time it's a love song called 'Shimmering'. Gary Dranow wrote this song as a tribute to his past romantic relationships during his college days when a breakup broke his heart.
Connor Desai – Forever
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Connor Desai has established herself in today's indie scene as a promising and original artist whose songs are worth paying attention to. Her success lies in her sincerity and simplicity.
Poppy Roscoe – Poppy Roscoe in: Sea Fortune and the Desert Rats
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The band Poppy Roscoe was created in 2015 in Los Angeles. Since then, the musicians have released 3 full-length albums, the last of which is 'Poppy Roscoe in: Sea Fortune and the Desert Rats'. The album was released in early 2023 and marked a new stage in the work of this amazing band.