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August 4, 2022
Lethia’s Natorium – Here We Go
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London singer-songwriter Pena and her band Lethia's Natorium released a new single 'Here We Go' on July 29. This is the third release of this music project and we are closely watching the growth of their music catalog.
Fat Trout Trailer Park – Belt
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Indie-rock duo Fat Trout Trailer Park have released the first single called 'Belt' from their upcoming EP. The presented song tells about the inhumanity and staleness of the bourgeois system and corporate society.
Wolfshirt – Wolfshirt
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In the American city of Biddeford, which is located on the east coast, there is a cool rock band Wolfshirt consisting of four musicians who play original post-hardcore. The sound of their debut mini-album 'Wolfshirt', magically inspires us in the same way that musicians are inspired by their work.