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August 3, 2022
Slime Lush – Custom Slaughter
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The guys from the American band Slime Lush released their debut album 'Custom Slaughter' on June 11 and we were delighted to listen to this sincere rock n roll tracklist. A team of musician friends gathered in rural Oklahoma to play their original music, which is created thanks to the diversity of influences of all members of the group.
Horizonte Lied – Zona Prohibida (Remastered Edition)
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The Mexican electronic band Horizonte Lied was formed in 1992, since then the musical group has been searching for its unique face as a creative unit. They were inspired by Depeche Mode and other gods of New Wave music, and this was captured and realized in their own creative ideas.
Jackson Vincent – Normal Tension
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'Music for ghosts' - that's what Jackson Vincent calls his songs, putting a lot of deep meaning and feelings into them. The artist is based in Philadelphia, where he independently writes and records his musical compositions. His new EP is tittled 'Normal Tension' and was released on July 22.