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June 20, 2022
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Australian artist Sahara Beck released the EP 'AND HER KRYPTONITE' on June 17. The mini-album consists of 5 tracks containing elements of alternative pop and pop rock.
Lyla DiPaul – Sleepless Nights
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Lila DiPaul and her band are based in New Orleans, where they met while studying music at Loyola University in 2018. On May 13 this year, Laila Dipol's debut EP 'Sleepless Nights' was presented, consisting of 4 tracks written by the artist during the quarantine in her parents' house.
Nick Antonelli – Time In The Sun
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A new single from the American singer-songwriter Nick Antonelli was released on May 18 and precedes the release of the artist's debut album. The song is called 'Time In The Sun' and created in a lively Americana style.
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The Belarusian band named WORLD GOVERNMENT was founded in 2007 and since then the guys have grown into a full-fledged professional project. Their frequent performances and memorable collaborations in their hometown took place on the independent indie scene.