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September 9, 2021
Robert Vendetta – All By My Handsome Self
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Norwegian artist Robert Vendetta's new single is called 'All By My Handsome Self' and was released on September 9th. The song has a soft and homely sound in which we can feel the great skill of the arranger and producer.
Clifford – Love Is Real
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The acoustic song 'Love is Real' is simply created for everyone looking for love. The song was written by American artist Clifford who breathed life via his charming voice and emotions into this amazing track. The single 'Love is Real' was released on September 9 and graced the musician's song catalog.
The DePatie Melt – My Best Friend Ran Off With My Wife (And Man Do I Miss Him)
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'My Best Friend Ran Off With My Wife (And Man Do I Miss Him)' - how much irony and truth of life in this old hillbilly joke. The DePatie Melt created a whole song and music video based on these phrases and everyone should listen to it.
Daragh – Young And Stupid
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Norwegian music project Daragh is the brainchild of singer and guitarist Daragh Wearen. The artist is known for his participation in the indie band Company Ink, which is a new breakthrough on the Norwegian indie scene in 2018. His EP 'Young and Stupid' was released on August 27 and included 4 new songs.