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June 9, 2021
Joey Grace – I Can’t Catch You
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The originality of the presentation of the musical material is a feature of the California singer-songwriter Joey Grace. The sounds of her music are the sounds of the new California once again jumping into an ocean of experimentation. The recent single 'I Can't Catch You' surprises us with its expression and dexterity.
Dina Rizvic – Waves
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An alternative pop broke into our playlists and flooded them. More and more this music is gaining momentum, although it has always been somewhere nearby at all times. Alternative pop performed by Dina Rizvic is typical for this style but not typical for pop music.The main difference is that the artist does everything herself, starting from authorship and ending with production. Everything that once differentiated rock music from pop music is now washed away by the presence of alternative pop.
Anna Luther – Greatest Love
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There is no more dynamic and lively, more dubious and tragic topic on our planet than the topic of love. Artists of all genres and generations are using this wonderful feeling for self-identification in this world through works of art. Anna Luther has a wonderful love song and it's called 'Greatest Love'.