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June 8, 2021
Gingsu – Road Song
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California is also can be sad. When we say goodbye to someone forever or so, if the loss is imminent and the road separates us then it's time to sound the track 'Road Song' from the band Gingsu. These guys from the coastal Laguna Beach know what the ocean is and its gusty winds.
Pariz – Taxi
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'Taxi' is an elegant composition by the producer Pariz. Based in Texas in the city of Fort Worth, 21-year-old musician produces his beautiful themes by presenting them to the public. The single 'Taxi' was released recently and got its life on the internet.
Incomer – Versus Ego
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It's time to get acquainted with Ukrainian contemporary music. A great country with a great unconquered people. The electronic trio Incomer is based in the Gothic-Baroque city of Lviv, and they use elements of the new wave, trip hop and rock music in their work.
GABRIEL – Fall Apart
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Gabriel Metzger is only 18 years old, but he spent the lion's share of his life playing the guitar. Like every skills practice, it builds the muscles of experience and awareness in their work. GABRIEL is his own American band through which the guitarist shows us his ideas in the form of powerful rock singles.