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June 7, 2021
Atomic Bronco – Cruel
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Indie Rock Enthusiast. This is how Kyle Nuss, producer and creator of the music project Atomic Bronco, described himself and his work. The one-man band is based in London and it is in this huge creative garden that he draws inspiration for his single shots.
Regina Fae – A Town Somewhere
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The versatile artist Regina Fae sees her mission in telling stories that can inspire and teach. Singer author, poet and writer Regina does not give her talent to relax developing at the same time as a creator and a person.
The Rising – You Had It All
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Today we will look in Belfast to find out what is being done with the Northern Ireland music machine. In search of good music, we came across the pop-rock duo 'The Rising'. Chantelle and Chris have formed a band that worthily represents Northern Ireland on high-level pop and country scenes.
Memphis Stone & The Elevators – Higher
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When those born for live rock n roll return to the stage, there is nothing more natural and joyful. Memphis Stone & The Elevators have returned to revive the young sprouts of the London rock scene with their presence.
Britta Pejic – Qrayinz
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Singer-songwriter Britta Pejic is a representative of the French classic soft-rock. Her psychedelic compositions are expansive and broad and capture the stylistic framework of several musical directions.