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June 6, 2021
Fran Lusty – You Don’t Know Me
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We have already once drawn our attention to the work of a girl from Brighton, Fran Lusty. It was an introduction that is gaining momentum and today we have the author's third single called 'You Don't Know Me'.
C.M. Jenkins – The Butterfly in Allegro
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The heroes of classical music are the real heroes of our time who lead the masses to the best music and bring people to the great. C.M. Jenkins is one such artist and he cares for us listeners to open that facet of beautiful and eternal sounds.
Phillinois – Blue Haze
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The music project of artist and cartoonist Phil Gerigscott is called Phillinois. Phil lives in Portland, USA and draws parallels between his music world and the world of the artist. A gifted person must find a way out of his thoughts, experiences and vision of this world.