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June 5, 2021
Temperature Falls – Nothing Really Matters
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Norway always delights us with new surprises as cool indie releases. Today we discovered an unexpected fusion of trip Hop and indie rock and these two styles in a mixture produce their own unique atmosphere. We are talking about the duo Temperature Falls from Oslo.
Patches – Life After Life (Super Cut)
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Patches is a music project by Patch Dennis based in Hamburg. Patch is a talented drummer and composer who decided to jump into jazz to develop as a musician in this style. His single 'Life After Life' (Super Cut) is primarily a rhythm with his groove.
Mickey Gold – thrillz
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We are always happy when young musicians move forward without fear of experimentation. In this way they move the music and that is how it gets the property to change. Mickey Gold from New York has released his EP 'thrillz' completely recorded and produced by the author.
Fixers – Altruistic Love
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It seems that the British musicians from Fixers have decided to open again their house of creativity, in which loudly entered in 2012 with the successful album 'We'll Be the Moon'. Since then, a lot of water has been spilled until the band's new album 'The Sun, The Moon, The Wind, The Sea' appeared on the shelves. And the first single from this album is the song 'Altruistic Love'.
Nine Lives – Cutthroat Friends
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A new rock duo called Nine Lives was born in the beautiful city of Cardiff. Their debut single 'Cutthroat Friends' was released recently and brought a breath of fresh air to all fans of the British Stoner.