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PALETTE – I See Green
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Students of the iconic BIMM LONDON, Alice Lord and Jack Fosberr, organized the band PALETTE. Their single 'I See Green' was released on July 23. This composition exudes a spirit of innovation and originality. The real British sound is felt in the art of rock transitions and emotional changes.
Natural Flavors – In Bloom
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Juicy and delicious debut album 'In Bloom' came out of the hands and souls of the members of the band Natural Flavors on July 2. The album includes 14 songs conceptually connected by soft sound and ornamental music. Natural Flavors are based in Arizona, USA where the warmth of the local weather makes their songs cozy and suitable for warming human souls.
Lucy Burke – Calm Before The Storm
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'Calm Before The Storm' is an inspiring ballad that thrives for every listener. Lucy Burke can be proud of such an elegant composition in its catalog. Everything in it is gentle and graciously.
Marc Delgado – The Cautionary Tale Of Richard Manuel
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Marc Delgado released the first single from his forthcoming album on July 21. The single is called 'The Cautionary Tale Of Richard Manuel' and is a good slice of a new stage in the work of this American singer-songwriter.
James Austin Melton – Will Made Manifest
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Philadelphia musical artist James Austin Melton released debut album 'Will Made Manifest' that was magically recorded. During the pandemic, James worked as a mystery shopper and traveled extensively at the same time. In the night hotels, he recorded vocals, guitar, bass and percussion, turning it into a secret mission and making his songs a real manifest.
Dan McLachlan – ‘Twas The Devil Himself
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London singer-songwriter Dan McLachlan released his second full-length album ''Twas The Devil Himself' on 15 July. The album includes 11 tracks that are related to the warm pleasant sound.
Carson Aday – My Small Handful Of Gold
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We are extremely pleased to cover the new works of those artists we have already talked about. Carson Aday from Texas is one such artist and today we will talk about his new single 'My Small Handful Of Gold' which was released on July 2.
The Foxtails – Waste Of A Night
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The musical duo The Foxtails released their debut single 'Waste Of A Night' on July 9th. Their song is a good gift to all fans of living in the moment and the pleasure of their presence in real time.
Lyons – honeydripper
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Young rock heroes from Detroit, the band Lyons has released their new hit 'honeydripper'. This song was inspired by the old blues song 'The Honeydripper' by Joe Liggins and received a new fresh rethinking of this idea.
Lee Ford – Where It Begins
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It's been about three months since Lee Ford released his debut single and whose work we marked as promising. The new single 'Where it Begins' released on July 16 continues the glorious tradition of Liverpool's Mercy Beat. The melodic basis of Lee Ford songs is a mixture of raw rock n roll and soft britpop.
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