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Rushkeys - Mookee - Anhaga (Rushkeys Remix) (single)              AGGRASOPPAR - KONSEPTUALISERA SAMANHALD HVØRSÍNAMILLUM (single)              Michael Louis Austin - Cinnamon (single)              La Palma - After All This Time (single)              The Screaming Pope - Our Love Is Music (album)              Ollie Twohill - Stifled (single)                         
La Palma – After All This Time
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Indie duo La Palma was created in 2019 in Washington DC by two vocalists and multi-instrumentalists Tim Gibbon and Chris Walker. Their debut album was released that year.
The Screaming Pope – Our Love Is Music
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On November 24, the new album of the Boston electronic artist The Screaming Pope was released. The record is called 'Our Love Is Music' and it consists of 15 original tracks that lead us into the world of incredible creative impulses.
Michael Louis Austin – Cinnamon
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'Cinnamon' is the title of the new single of the American singer-songwriter Michael Louis Austin. This song was written by the author as a reflection on why we all need someone who will make our lives brighter and deeper.
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The band AGGRASOPPAR was formed in 2020 in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands and their first full-length album was released in the same year. AGGRASOPPAR, these are first of all three charismatic musicians and creative personalities Ayphinn, Dada, and Sóljudrongur who captivate the audience with their unpredictability and freshness of view of modern musical trends.
Mookee – Anhaga (Rushkeys Remix)
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Rushkeys is a well-known electronic artist and producer based in Vilnius, Lithuania. His musical career is saturated with many commercial and independent projects, in which he is fully invested. His remixes of tracks by other famous artists deserve a special story, and one of them is 'Anhaga'.
Ollie Twohill – Stifled
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'Stifled' is the title of the new single of the Australian artist Ollie Twohill. The song is about struggling with mental illness and suicidal thoughts. Ollie Twohill understands this problem deeply because he himself had a similar dark streak in his life.
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POINT3NINE is a music project created by one person in Toronto, Canada. His records are primarily a love for experiments and refined taste. On November 30, a new album by POINT3NINE was released, which was named 'The iLLEST'.
Gerco Aerts – Sing Louder, Dance Faster
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Gerco Aerts is a well-known bass player and musician from the Netherlands who has often been seen touring for the past 30 years. In 2020, when the virus and lockdown came, Gerco Aerts decided to realize his old dream and record his own album consisting of his songs written in recent years.
OTO MAYUMI – Good and Bad Shades
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'Good and Bad Shades' is the title of the debut album of a fantastic artist OTO MAYUMI. The album was released on December 1 and presented the world with a beautiful conceptual work in the styles of alternative rock and J-pop.
Misha Chylkova – Last Night a Stranger Carried My Tree
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Misha Chylkova is an interesting and unusual artist who recently finished recording a new album with the help of her longtime colleagues Darren Hayman and Ian Button. On the eve of the release of the new record, Misha Chylkova decided to share the pre-Christmas single 'Last Night a Stranger Carried My Tree'.
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